Tuesday, July 4


  • Poster session
  • 1 practical session on molecular modeling
  • 1 spot on nuclear medicine

Poster session

4 sessions to discover the research and activities of ISI NucMed 2023 participants.

Practical session

  • Molecular modeling
    Nicolas Galland
    Researcher in Physical Chemistry and Theoretical Chemistry, laboratoire CEISAM UMR CNRS 6230 

Molecular modeling consists in building models of molecules in order to better understand their structure and other physico-chemical properties. Data from molecular modeling will finally contribute to improve or to develop new labeling processes for innovative radionuclides. This practical work is oriented towards the study of compounds formed from radionuclides, in particular alpha emitters. The problems related to the speciation of radioelements and the study of their coordination properties will be addressed using examples from the literature. Chemical reactivity issues will also be addressed, through the determination of bond dissociation energies and other thermodynamic quantities.